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The relaunch of Kylie Cosmetics is finally here, and I could not be more excited! Check out the finale of Inside Kylie Cosmetics to see an exclusive look behind the scenes and learn about all of my totally revamped products - complete with brand new clean and vegan formulas. Thank you all for being a part of my journey over the last six years, and welcome to Kylie 2.0! The new site and new products are live at 9am pst only on

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  • Beautiful 💋💋♥️

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  • Please do your home tour

  • From Lips to Children, Kylie finds a marketing idea in EVERYTHING. Crazy.

  • WoW I LOVE you

  • 0:11 안녕

  • DEAD

  • I love you kyile so much🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    • I am loving this it’s like a behind the scenes and I love Kylie so much you’re such an inspiration to me❤️

  • Very smart girl. I like how she just decides and goes for it. What she touches turns to gold.

  • To be honest with you Kylie Jenner ... 🤫🤫All these things that you do don't make you a beautiful image inside of you at all ... 😒It won't last forever because the truth will come out about these unworthy things. degenerate profession of yourself ...🤐 Even your mother is not worth it ..🙄. Even less your sisters ..😃😑

  • È vergognoso per te signora moglie del diavolo

  • Kylie baby is for is white babies only 😭😭

  • Inspiring Kylie 😍🥰

  • Is Kylie perfect is she?

  • Tell me the truth is beauty care true meditation

  • She is the real boss i love her and I am very inspired by her

  • I am loving this it’s like a behind the scenes and I love Kylie so much you’re such an inspiration to me❤️

  • i love how they’re lowkey promoting kylie baby

  • Kylie should hire models with deeper skin tones. I mean there is no single lip swatch of how the lip kits will look on deeper skin tones. I guess she did this rebranding stunt just to show herself as a model and do more photoshoots.

  • I love you Kylie Jenner you made me model and I look at your work and I think someday I will be and I will be like Kylie Jenner and I will meet her I know

  • @KylieJenner can you marry the most powerful sheriff in Los Angles county or the most powerful sheriffs department in Los Angels that way you can be really powerful. Power The Power Kylie

  • Fuck you you broke up ehith travis the sicko mode

  • I love how unique and original Kylie is she doesn’t need anyone’s opinion all she need is hers💗💖

  • Bien

  • She looks 20 and 50 at the same time.


  • Kylie is pregnant

  • North and Chicago look so alike

  • Stormi is a little Kylie so cute and picture perfect


  • 4:52 a Kylie no le gusta que la vean sus esclavos que digo empleados y esta parte lo confirma, esa chica quita la mirada nerviosa fíjense, es mi humilde opinión XD

  • I wish Kylie was my mom🥴

  • I love this family

  • I get goosebumps every time I watch her video, what an icon.

  • I want to be like her ❤️❤️❤️❤️...Kylie uhh r such a beautiful princess 😘

  • ...not environmentally "refocused" tho?? If Hyram can do it, Kylie can do it. Just a thought


  • Part 4 pls upload soon

  • acknowledging privilege is cool but she did not make something out of nothing lol

  • i wish “cruelty free” included the workers manufacturing the products. a fair liveable wage, comfortable working conditions, regular breaks, benefits like healthcare childcare etc. but at the end of the day people care about profits and animals more than humans

    • @Ivy🥀Rose ironic bcs california is considered one of the most “progressive” states but the story’s i’ve heard about the way the factory workers that make kylie cosmetics are treated AWFULLY

    • That ESPECIALLY won’t happen in California

  • Everyone should feel inspired by her , she is creating generational wealth for her children. Anyone can be born into a rich family , but to create empire takes a lot of hard work. If you stop judging her and work on your goals , that would be cool too ✨

  • no entendi nada pero ta weno:3

  • Hi Kylie. Just wanted yo say hi🙂

    • @Tore lie 💜thanks so much for the love ❤️ and likes 👍 you have been showing on my pages really appreciate you and I hope you won’t stop supporting my career!! Hit me up on my private contacts I promise to give response soon I can

  • kris knows her kids so well!!!! a kylie cosmetics x cactus jack collab would easillyyyy be my first purchase 😩

  • "SHE DOESN'T NEED VALIDATION FROM 15OTHER PEOPLE" .., "SHE HAS THIS INSTINCT" .., LEO 🦁 ENERGY... ❤️ cannot wait for Travis X Kylie Collab and KYLIE BABY ❤️

  • I did a school project that we had to look up people who have the same b day and it turns out Kendall has the same birthaday as me :D

  • queen

  • Mm well there’s a difference but she definitely took “advantage” for me it’s more of a negative connotation. But good for her.

  • I came to this world just to watch

  • kylie u r the best

  • Forget about the haters... Kylie.. You are shinning girlll💕💘

  • Idol

  • Idol

  • And just like that! We were made an audience for KYLIE BABY advertisement

  • imagine that poor intern who had to archive 8000 posts :(

  • Wait so is she launching a kids skin care line ???

    • When I knew she was gonna say travis

  • Not once have they appreciated the workers at the factories doing the operational day to day work. I hope they realise there is labour thay goes into their stuff. It is not just Kylie.

  • She look horrible with that stupid plastic surgury

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  • omgee her face look like a barbie plastic surgery gone wrong....sad ! These Kadarshian girls always have kids w rap men and no men want to marry them like a normal family. Freaking sad!

  • Is Kylie and stormi vegan. No milk and products🧀🍳. No meat 🍖🍗🍤

  • 👑💋👑

  • She looks like Bruce 🤮


  • Kylie Baby?? Omg, I’m buying it. 😁

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  • Nice v..

  • Im really proud of kylie because looking at here when she was 17 than now im really proud of you kylie all the love from los Angeles

  • I love you Kylie!!! 😘

  • When I knew she was gonna say travis

  • she's so pretty and Stormi's so cute!

  • U owe Ray Jay his dues bitch loool

  • I hate Kylie. She was born in rich family and did nothing to become famous and successful. Also: why she is called the youngest billionaire in the world if she does nothing for this. She always had those money so she could start her business easily.

  • okay but a travis x kylie would be fire

  • Me: Never used Kylie cosmetics in her life but always watching and searching the company (I live in Europe so they didn’t start selling the products over here) 😔

    • @محمد محسن yep I tho they're just selling in Russia but I can't go Russia for this just gonna wait

    • Even here in the Middle East they don't sell it :(

    • You can buy it at Douglas!

  • I love this family to bits. I should probably go hug my mom

  • i’m glad her mom said how she was raised with great privilege and opportunity, the other girls, especially Kendall and maybe Kim should understand that too

  • 💚

  • such an inspiration!!

  • Welcome to another edition of "why the F is this in my recommended?"

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  • When will we see Kylie Nail Kits - I would SERIOUSLY buy that. Opi and Essie shouldn't corner this market.

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  • She’s way more talkative. OK MOM

  • So proud you beautiful.. xx

  • I agree a space themed kit with Travis would be bomb

  • Can anyone cash app me like $5 I am desperate at this point and struggling trying to get by $letyv96

  • Her new Lipkit ans glosses are much more better i ordered. 4 lipkit and 2 gloss

  • She a genius!! She really created something amazing!! Super inspiring 💕💕💕congratulations Kylie on your success 🙏🏻

  • I think what you do is wonderful, help the girls believe in themselves in their dreams

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