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Exclusive videos from Kylie Jenner. Behind-the-scenes content, beauty tutorials and more.


DRUNK GET READY WITH ME: KYLIE AND KENDALLvisningar 20mn4 månader sedan
GET READY WITH US: KYLIE AND KOURTNEYvisningar 7mn4 månader sedan
4:27Kylie Jenner: Christmas Decorations 2020
Kylie Jenner: Christmas Decorations 2020visningar 12mn6 månader sedan
5:08Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi
Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormivisningar 18mn8 månader sedan
1:54Behind the Scenes of my Kylie X Grinch Shoot
Behind the Scenes of my Kylie X Grinch Shootvisningar 2,1mn8 månader sedan
10:03Rating My Halloween Costumes
Rating My Halloween Costumesvisningar 8mn9 månader sedan
10:59Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup
Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeupvisningar 10mn9 månader sedan
8:22Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi
Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormivisningar 25mn9 månader sedan
8:02What's In My Bag
What's In My Bagvisningar 10mn10 månader sedan
6:57Behind the Scenes of My Sailor Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes of My Sailor Photoshootvisningar 6mn10 månader sedan
KENDALL X KYLIEvisningar 4,2mnÅr sedan
10:17Who’s Most Likely To... with my BFFs
11:13Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie
Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylievisningar 20mnÅr sedan
8:59VLOG: My 2019 Christmas Decorations
18:00Kylie Jenner - My Everyday Makeup Look
16:20Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour
Official Kylie Jenner Office Tourvisningar 20mnÅr sedan
20:36Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé
3:50Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylie
Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylievisningar 12mn2 år sedan
19:31Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life
Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Lifevisningar 59mn2 år sedan
2:15Kris Jenner Shares Her Kylie Skin Routine
0:45kylie skin - introducing my face moisturizer
6:15my everyday skin care routine | Kylie Skin
0:46kylie skin - introducing my eye cream
kylie skin - introducing my eye creamvisningar 681tn2 år sedan


  • Did Kylie say "anjir"?? 7:57

  • OMG my life is just like Kylie’s it’s so crazy!!!!! Us girls gotta stick together sisters!

  • 😍❤️

  • "I must go home" I laughed so hard 😂

  • Nikita dragun?

  • I wonder if Kylie will eventually pass the company onto Stormi?

  • Hi hola

  • Je comprends pas ta langue

  • Je cionn Comprend pas ta langue

  • Je taime Jennie

  • Je taime grave j'ai envie de toi

  • You know what my mom ordered a lip kit when she first started and my mom go so scared that they will sell out so fast but she got there on time and ordered the nude on and that’s so funny 😂

  • kylie: it helps because we were mask kris: 👁👄👁 am i a joke to you?

  • DEAD

  • I like the way kylie talk ..its soo soft

  • Oh I see....It is not bad enough that these people are everywhere but here this karTRASHian is going behind the scenes of her sailor photoshoot??? Yea, rinse and repeat....The only people who actually care about this farce don't really matter......So in the end, this really means nothing......

  • I love you kyile so much🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Ahh a relationship that i will never have. I just binge watch all your cooking contents! And i do wish for more. Love you both!

  • 1:54 is like Stormi : MaMa OoO

  • Ur naturally beautiful Kylie ✨ Even if u not wear makeup or u do ur ALWAYSS pretty 🦋❤️ Never give up ilysm I support u always! ❤️❤️❤️

  • estamos haciendo cupcakes

  • Lo que dise su hija al principio es:Hoy Strom déjame comer cupcakes

  • Strong woman, I love it. 💕 💪🏽

  • Very smart girl. I like how she just decides and goes for it. What she touches turns to gold.

  • They look like drunk clowns😂❤️

  • kylie is such a good mom even though she’s rich she still raises her kid to be polite and kind and have manners

  • 7:57 ANJIR wkwkww

  • Such a good mom

  • To be honest with you Kylie Jenner ... 🤫🤫All these things that you do don't make you a beautiful image inside of you at all ... 😒It won't last forever because the truth will come out about these unworthy things. degenerate profession of yourself ...🤐 Even your mother is not worth it ..🙄. Even less your sisters ..😃😑

  • È vergognoso per te signora moglie del diavolo

  • kylie I want to see more videos with stormi i love to see you both :*

  • I love kylie ❤❤❤

  • Kylie baby is for is white babies only 😭😭

  • why those sisters are so prettyy omg T^T

  • Inspiring Kylie 😍🥰

  • Is Kylie perfect is she?

  • I am big fan of yours ma'am ❤️

  • Tell me the truth is beauty care true meditation

  • ✨Life✨

  • ok noticed how u didn't do your skin care that means u don't use it everyday like u say

  • - she’s a mother… wtf is she doing

  • She is the real boss i love her and I am very inspired by her

  • Omg kendall 😂

  • Why is that when they filming they are all short? Uggghhhh 😔

  • ما اقبح الفقر وما اجمل الفقراء 😔

  • I'm in love with that baby 😚

  • When stormi said "mama" that's the cutest thing i have ever heard!😍

  • I am loving this it’s like a behind the scenes and I love Kylie so much you’re such an inspiration to me❤️

  • i love how they’re lowkey promoting kylie baby

  • Mamah

  • Kylie should hire models with deeper skin tones. I mean there is no single lip swatch of how the lip kits will look on deeper skin tones. I guess she did this rebranding stunt just to show herself as a model and do more photoshoots.

  • 20 one vlgos 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🌎🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  • stormis walk in closet is bigger than my room...

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love from Viet Nam

  • 😂😇😹

  • This is the 19mins of making us feel poor☠️

  • Kylie could have been just an original girl with her parents' money, but she did try to make money by her own, launching her business and she succeed.

  • I love the way stormi said MAMA

  • 12:08 i love how they just realized they were moms 😂

  • “Hi blog,” “Vlog. It's vlog. ” “Glog, ” “Mommy!!!! ” AHAGSHAGAHAHSHA

  • I love you Kylie Jenner you made me model and I look at your work and I think someday I will be and I will be like Kylie Jenner and I will meet her I know

  • Que hermosa stormy

  • Alcohol tolerance level ~ KING KYLIE

  • Omg Kylie please do a closet tour

  • Lol went she saw the make up she said ooo yum and I was like 🧐 Lol 😂

  • Hi yo no sé hablar inglés pero quiero prende no te entiendo nada😢

  • imagine being so rich you can afford golf.

  • @KylieJenner can you marry the most powerful sheriff in Los Angles county or the most powerful sheriffs department in Los Angels that way you can be really powerful. Power The Power Kylie